About JSKit

JSKit was designed with the lessons learned from several large web app projects in both enterprise and startup environments.

Dealing with fragmented frameworks, tools, and UI elements informed the highly integrated nature of JSKit, where we strive to provide a complete solution. Having all the frameworks and tools designed together means they work great with each other and they all share a vision of how a coherent project is put together.

After spending so much time on each project adjusting HTML elements and CSS selectors to get the UI just right, it became clear that native app development platforms don't have these issues because they aren't built using languages designed for documents.

JSKit is designed to be the right tool for the job of creating large, complex, and desktop-quality web applications. Making a plaform for such a specific use case means it's probably not the best option for other use cases. Rather than try to serve everyone and every case, we want to stay focused on the rich web app area.

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